Friday, 3 February 2012

Good morning world!

I have one of the world's most efficient alarm clocks! It wakes me up gradually, and cannot be turned off from the bed, I have to actually physically get out of bed, and it is only when both feet hit the floor that it turns off. I have tried to fool it by bumping my boots on the floor from the sanctuary of the bed, but alas, it seems to be an unfoolable alarm.

The best thing about my alarm is that when I get up it goes into snooze mode automatically, and it is only when I go down and open the kitchen door that it is reactivated! My alarm clock is in fact an adorable little whiskery whippet, who fills me with joy! Once we are up it is out into the fresh new day, for a trot round, to see what the doggy news is, and to inspect all the corners all the way around.

I guess the advantage of a dog is that I wouldn't get out into the fresh air and go for a walk at that time of the morning otherwise, and I would miss seeing the frost twinkling on the trees, the lights coming on, the shops opening up, and would not be greeting fellow dog walkers. I love the calm of the morning, the fresh start, and the promise of a new start.

So your homework is an easy one: get up, go out, have a walk and greet the new day with hope in your heart and a spring in your step.