Friday, 2 March 2012

I dreamed a dream

Last night I had a very vivid dream. It was one of those dreams which you have in full colour, with complete detail and clarity, and which make you wonder if they are dreams or reality.

I am not the world's greatest sports star, which makes my dream all the more odd. In my dream I dreamed I was running a marathon, or to be more accurate that I was training to run a marathon by running off road, up in the Yorkshire dales I think, up a hill, on muddy grass. It was a lovely spring day, not too hot, not too cold, just lovely. I powered up the hill, remembering feeling hot and sweaty, and then when I got to the top, and along a road I had done the distance. It was then I decided, still in my dream, to have a nap as "that was just the practice for the real race which was starting in a couple of hours", the real race being the more classic marathon road race.

I settled down for a nap, and when I awoke, in a puddle of sunshine, feeling all refreshed and happy, a friend was informing me in a very concerned manner that I had slept in and missed the start of the race."Never mind" I replied, "the important thing is that I know I can do it"

The important thing is that I know I can do it.

This has made me think about my approach to each day, in a very solution-focussed manner. I manage crisis on a daily basis and some days it is exhausting and tough, but I know I can do it, I am sure in my ability to assess, make decisions, and then to act, often in a short period of time.I know I can do it. At home I know that even if I am exhausted I can dig deeper, but I know also, and just as importantly when to say STOP!

Tonight I am not doing any marathon running, other than the marathon of a loving relationship, which like any other lifelong commitment blossoms as you work at it, and count your blessings along the way.

On Sunday I am going swimming with my gorgeous daughter as she pushes herself towards the eventual goal of swimming a mile. For her, like in my dream, this is only a practice for the real event when she goes to University to study Marine Zoology, as she will need to be a more confident swimmer. The important thing is that she knows she can do it.

What long term goal do you have that you could do with a bit of practice towards? Go on,. have a little go, and before you know it you too will know that you can do it.

Happy dreaming!

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