Monday, 4 June 2012

Land of Hope and Glory

I have just watched the Jubilee concert on the Beeb, and I have to say that whilst the entertainment was a bit of a Curate's egg, good in parts, the finale was excellent.

Some of the "stars" were well past their best, bum notes, more facelifts and dye jobs than on a Saga cruise, but also many voices lifted in a spirit of joy and harmony.

The trumpeters, who are all members of Foot Guards, played wonderfully well, and the genuine respect and love from Charles to his "Mummy", and to his poorly Father was tangible.

The highlight for me has to be "Land of Hope and Glory" at the end. The stirring tune really lifts the soul.

Thank you to all the performers, crew and everyone else who contributed to putting the concert on. I for one enjoyed it.

Good night, and God bless us all.

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