Friday, 13 January 2012

Fraud? Floored!

I nearly threw up today!

Today was the blessed day of Pay, so I eagerly went to the cash point at about 7.30am this morning to get some cash so I could fill my car up as I have been running on fumes and a prayer for the last day or so... The cash point did not cough up, I presumed it was not working, and thought no more of it, and drove the 17 miles to work very economically.

After a busy busy busy day I picked up my fogeys, brought them to mine where they got their hair cut, I made tea, took them home, picked up the gorgeous one, collected her friend, went to the cash point and .... nothing! Cash point said "refer to bank". (Well, it didn't actually talk, but you get my point...)

I came home and rang the bank, and they said my account had been blocked because of fraud. I felt physically sick. Pay day and a fraud. AAAArrrrrrrHgGHgHGHGgggghhhhhh!

Anyhow it was all soon sorted out, apparently some of my recent transactions had flagged up as "in line with current fraud patterns" and so they had blocked my account as a prevention!

So, what has this got to do with the price of scotch eggs?

The thing is, you see, in my private life I am a great procrastinator, and I tend to try and put things off if I can, In my professional life I am very good at making decisions very quickly and acting on them, I have to be as such is the nature of the role.Of course today was a situation that had to be dealt with as soon as possible.

It set me thinking though about all the things I have missed out on by putting them off. How many people have I missed, how many rainbows? How many missed opportunities?

Anyhow my New Day's resolution for tomorrow is to say YES! I once read a book called The Yes man, by Danny Wallace, where he deciede he would stop missing out on things, and if asked he would say yes! He had some really amazing times. I am not ready to commit for a year like he did, but I reckon a day is a good start. That is the best thing about New Day's Resolutons: If you like them you can keep them another day, if not then at least you gave it a shot!

I'll let you know how I get on! Maybe you would like to join me in saying yes for a day! See where it will lead you!

Have fun! xxxx

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