Wednesday, 18 January 2012

In-vesting in me...

Today was a momentous day. Today was the day that I officially became an old lady.

A big statement! You see the weather here is somewhat inclement, it is cold, damp, and weary, the kind of lazy weather that cuts right through you, and leaves you nithered*. The kind of weather which leads you to walk round looking like an Inuit with layer upon layer of clothing. As I sit typing this I am wearing my sheepskin boots, thick socks, fleece pj bottoms, bra, long sleeved t shirt, blouse, fleece, scarf and a fur trappers hat... a very glamorous look. The poor dog hates the cold too, being a whippet he has little fur, so he is luxuriating beneath a red velvet blanket. Not daft my dog!

So why did I become an old lady?

I forgot to put my vest on.

It was not the wearing of a vest, nor the forgetting of the vest that was the signifier, it was the fact that I missed it! I missed the extra layer of warmth around my back, and the lack of draught when I stretched, and just that tiny thin under shirt made all the difference whilst walking the dog to keep the frosty fingers of winter away from my skin.

So, what am I going to do? I am going to embrace my inner old lady, and not only wear a vest, I am going to treat myself to a lovely new snuggly thermal one to replace the summer ones I wear at the moment.

Embracing my inner old lady is a way of acknowledging that changing one small thing, in this case my clothing layers, shows that I am listening to myself and valuing myself. Making that one small change will help me stay warmer, both physically and emotionally as I will be able to be more focussed, and more able to respond to the needs of others as well as myself.

Your homework this evening: When you get dressed in the morning make one small change. Add a vest, undo a button, wear jolly socks, pretty earrings, a slick of lipstick,  wear your best shirt... Why save your best for later? Today is the day to feel your best, to be your best. Make one small change and enjoy!


* Nithered is a word from my childhood. It means cold right through to your bones, the feeling you get on a cold, damp day.

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