Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Goodbye, and thank you.

Aren't routines funny! We fall into patterns of behaviour and routines for all sorts of reasons, comfort, expediency, or sometimes because it is the only way we know. My morning routine is pretty much the same every day: up; dressed; walk the dog; breakfast with the dog; watch Jerry Springer; then off to work.  I usually listen to BBC Radio 2 on the way to work as I find the mix of cheerful music, current news and a little bit of madness sets me up nicely for the day.

Funnily enough this morning the breakfast show was entitled "just because you are breathing does not mean you are alive". Wow: How very true! We plod along, following that well trodden way, new day, same old same old. How often do we actively think about our behaviours and make a positive solution focussed change?

This year is just a month old, and I have already been touched by bereavement.

Marie was one of those people that are filled to the brim with light and life. She always sparkled,  and always worked very hard to find a positive solution and a way forward, not only for herself, but for the people she worked with, her clients, and for pretty much anyone she could help. She was always smart, and always smiling. Marie was never seen without her sparkly rings or her sparkly smile! She was not a loud, brash person, but rather a very centred person who inspired a quiet confidence.

Marie lost her long battle this morning.

One of our mutual colleagues came and broke the news to me in person, and for that I thank her. We comforted each other, as we knew we had both been touched by this special ladies magic.

Reflecting this evening about this special lady, I am smiling. Smiling at the memory of her smile, basking in the warmth of the memories.

Some cultures believe than when a person passes their spirit is released back into the universe, where it is free to wander at will, before settling.We have all, at times, experienced this loss, some more closely than others, and we all have our own belief about the time after we leave this plane, and we often look to the heavens to see a bright new star.

I hope that Marie's spirit sprinkles its magic, on you and your stars, as it passes.

God bless you Marie, and thank you for reminding me to live.

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