Tuesday, 13 December 2011

50p very nice!

When my daughter was little, probably two or three we were browsing in a charity shop in York. She spotted something and asked how much it was. Once I told her she replied "50p very nice"! This has since become a watchword for a bargain!

I spent 50p today on one of the best bargains of my life.

I nipped into Wilkinsons on the way home from work to get some dog food. Whilst queuing at the till I smiled to see a young girl, probably seven or eight years old, at the next till, paying for a very careful selection of gifts. There were some craft kits, felt tips, and the kind of things I used to love playing with to do sticking and gluing. The cashier scanned them all, and the total was £5. The girl looked a bit confused and worried, and called over to her mum to ask if she had another 50p. Mum replied, in that way that suggested she really didn't have 50p, that she didn't have her purse. As they negotiated with the cashier to leave something behind I simply gave the mum a pound I had in my pocket, as a gift from one mum to another.

Mum thanked me, and then said to her little girl, say thank you to the lady, and then sent her after me with the 50p change.

It truly made my heart sing. I am sure, like me, you have at times been down to an empty purse, and a chance finding of loose change in a forgotten place, or a fiver in an old handbag has made all the difference.

I am sure at times, like me, you have also felt like the thing left behind.

So your challenge tomorrow, if you can, is to take a 50p piece and spread a little happiness. Happiness for you, but also for someone else. Pay someone's toll, put it in a collection box, leave it for someone to find... you get the idea. Spread a little happiness, and save some for yourself on the way x

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