Sunday, 18 December 2011

Twinkle Twinkle, you're a star!

I had a lovely day yesterday! Me, Boots and Pepper the spoiled whippet set off in our lovely van to spend the day with three very good friends. There is a great view out of the van, as it is high up, and I enjoyed looking at the scenery with a new perspective, seeing things I had never noticed before. We drove through hail, rain and thick flurries of snow, chatting at times, but often sitting happily in the silence, totally at ease in each other's company.

Whilst at our destination we spent the day in the toasty warm glow of friendship, good food, good company, and happy memories. We shared a few tears too, some of sadness at the memories of friends and companions passed, and some of joy at the thoughtfulness and love of our friends.

Pepper had a lovely day playing with a cheeky-faced little terrier who, like her new mummy, has a heart full of love to give, with a sad space that needs help to heal.The two of them ran round together happily like dervishes, until they were both exhausted, and they settled down for a sleep nose to nose. Whilst they slept we enjoyed discussing Christmas with a clever three year old. Did you know that Santa wears his Santa suit all year round, apart from on his Birthday when he wears his birthday suit? or that you have to leave three currents out next to a glass of whisky? The whisky is for Santa, and the currents are for his frogs. We shared such a lot of laughter!

I am aware that Christmas can be a difficult and sad time, especially for those of us who have experienced loss. To love and be loved is one of the greatest gifts one could wish for, and to be sad is ok. This blog is dedicated to Yvonne, to Havoc and to you.

Your homework tonight: On a clear night wrap up well and go and look at the stars. Look how they twinkle, unaware of your presence, but the sight of them filling you now, as they did as a child with a sense of wonder. You are that star, and your presence inspires others. Twinkle twinkle x

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