Friday, 9 December 2011

It's snow joke! (Sorry!)

On my way to work today and the first bad driving conditions of the season. Bradford roads were quite literally like a skating rink. It had obviously snowed, partially thawed, and then frozen again. A couple of cycles of this and the roads were treacherous. Despite this people still drove in the way they do on a normal day, revving the engines to try and get a grip....

Sometimes to get a real grip on life we need to slow down. Slow down, step back, look at the situation in a detached manner, and then slooooooooooooowly move forwards.

I learned a good lesson in patience today from one of my "lovely boys" who taught me the rudiments of table tennis, he very patiently explained to me how to serve, how to score, and when I made a mess of my serve he very kindly said "take that again". He treated me with the utmost of respect, and it was lovely to see his little stubby wings unfurling.

I learned a lot today. I learned about patience, kindness and respect for others.

Your homework for tonight: What did you learn today? What did you learn about others, and what lesson did you take from it? Mistakes are great: we can learn from them and make a concious decision to change things. So tonight have sweet dreams. Think about what you have learned, learn from it, and move on. x

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