Monday, 5 December 2011

I never thought I'd ever sleep with superman...

So how have you done so far? Did you mange to take the plunge and take one tiny step towards your goal? I had a smaller portion for my tea tonight, so that should help. Did you look in the mirror and see your twinkles, or another part that you know to be beautiful and special? Have you listened to the little voice saying "what about me?" Have you let it sound a little bit louder? My voice today in the middle of all the stress and shouting at work said "take time for me", so I did. I had a nice cup of tea in a quiet moment and felt much better for it.

Last night I was in bed with my lovely hubby, sat sipping  a nip of whisky, and having a natter about the day. When he got into bed he kept his vest on, as we are a bit "old school" and put on a layer rather than the heating! It was his favourite vest emblazoned with a cartoon motif. He looked over, winked, and said "I bet you never thought you'd go to bed with Superman"!

Laughing away I remarked we just seemed to "fit" together, like a jigsaw. "A jigsaw without a picture" he remarked, and went on to explain how we fit together and let life take us where we will, rather than following a fixed pattern, a fixed image of how it should be.

Do you think we sometimes try to shape ourselves into what we believe other people think we ought to be, rather than being happy in our own skin, or happy on our feet? We pay too much regard to "whatever will people think" or "but they may not like me" rather than thinking about what is best for ourselves. I am not suggesting for one moment that we should disregard others, quite the opposite. We should merely shift the balance so that we are taking more care and consideration for ourselves.

Superman had amazing powers, he could jump tall buildings, fly, and use his x-ray vision to avert problems. Life isn't like that though is it? No one is going to come along and rescue you from your problems, no one other than yourself. So lighten up a little, stop beating yourself up with your problems, and let yourself fly. You might need to grow a few more feathers yet, but ruffle those wings, and soar.

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  1. Hmm - Pointz's musketeers are familiar with this but you might not have seen it:

    (Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex By Larry Niven) - an essay on the sex life of Superman.