Monday, 12 December 2011

Things to do when you are stuck in traffic...

Crikey! I thought I would attempt the M62 route to work this morning, BIG mistake. I had to queue to get ON for about 15 minutes. Of course whilst you are on the slip road on there is nothing you can do, apart from sit there and wait for the traffic to slowly creep forward.

This got me thinking about the types of activities you can do whilst stuck in traffic. I ought to say at this point that these suggestions are just for the passenger, as the driver will of course be keeping both hands on the wheel, and paying full attention to the road ahead.

  1. Sing! Turn the radio up, and sing your heart out! When my daughter was little we used to take turns in being the male or female lead whilst listening to the Grease tape! Sing like no one is listening, and if anyone looks askance at you simply smile!
  2. Spot triangles! Signs, car badges, shapes on posters, funny shape fields...
  3. Play "Oss". If you see a horse in a field you shout "Oss" and score one point. If it is two horses in a field you still only score one point: It is one horse (or "Oss") per field.
  4. Listen to a speaking book, or tune to radio 4! You never know you might find something interesting.
  5. Spot red front doors (for multi player have a different colour each, but not white cos that would be cheating!)
Or, you could play the game I play every day: "Ooooh I never noticed that before!". This is a brilliant game and is all about finding the unfamiliar in the over familiar, and looking at things fresh and new each day. All you have to do is whilst you are out and about actively look for something you have never noticed before. It could be you see a building, or a window you have never seen before, or a little lane leading to a row of cottages, or as I did this evening notice a postbox I have passed hundreds of times, but never seen.

Life can be like that sometimes, we keep plodding along on the same, very familiar track, and may never see the beauty around us. We miss opportunities for change, and chances for positive choice. Why? Because we are too focused on the destination, rather than enjoying the journey. We are so fixed in our habits and routines we miss seeing things fresh and new.

Your homework for tonight: Whilst on a journey change it up. Play "Ooooh I never saw that before" or try taking a chance on a new route. You never know what you will see, where you will go, or who you will meet.Smile, and enjoy the journey x

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