Friday, 23 December 2011

Slow down and enjoy the ride

I went to the panto yesterday, resplendent in a tiara and wand combo! I really enjoyed the evening, shouting, booing, hissing, and holding Boots' hand in the scary bits (the dragon was 10m long and flew out over the audience...)!

I had spent the day driving hither and yon, ferrying various combinations of people around, and had just arrived home in time to change my tiara from my small pink one to my sparkly silver one, and it was time to set off again! Boots was driving, he is a good, steady driver,and claims he only likes my driving when he is asleep, as, he claims, I drive too close and too fast (I actually drive like an old man, unfortunately that old man is Stirling Moss).

As we turned towards the main road Boots began to cuss, and fret, as the traffic was backed up. He then began to seek an alternate route, all the while cussing and stressing! I pointed out that he was driving the way he criticised me for driving, and the bast thing to do was to slow down, think and plan an alternate route.

Don't you think this time of year, Christmas eve eve, can be a bit like that journey? We set off in enough time, then suddenly something throws our plans awry, be it an extra guest for dinner, sudden illness, exhaustion, or getting stuck in traffic.....The delays and frustrations can be enough to trigger a rage, an unthinking response, a knee jerk response, and arguments follow, or money we don't have gets spent on people we don't really like on things they don't really want!

We eat and drink too much, because that's what we "ought" to do. We fret about what to wear, what to say, what to drink....

Whoa! Slow down a bit!

What is Christmas really all about?

Peace, Love and understanding.

So slow down, think, plan.

Find a peaceful moment in the whirl of it all (you need to plan this in). Love the little things: you, your loved ones, the stars in the sky..... Understand that the only "perfect" thing is you.

Slow down and enjoy the ride, and look at the scenery on the way x

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