Thursday, 15 December 2011

Sweet success

Today has been a good day. I got to the docs and got some medication for my chest infection, new supplier of inhalers, good day at work, saw my lovely daughter (who thinks my blog is rubbish and for boring old ladies and old men!) then came home and made Christmas gifts for my team at work.

I am now pretty tired, but happy.

I decided to make them a little selection box of handmade chocolates: Chocolate coated cherry marzipan; Orange and lavender truffles; mini marzipan battenburgs and Cherry and coconut truffles, all presented in a pretty little box.

Whilst I made them I thought about all the successes and  challenges we have faced this term, and about how each member of the team brings their own skills and expertise to the team. The balance of different skills, and a recognition of that as a real strength is what makes us strong.

Making the chocolates this evening I had a helper. My husband helped, carefully shaping and forming, chopping and coating, with real attention to detail. I really enjoyed spending time with him doing this. My other little helper was curled up on the sofa wrapped up in his Christmas duvet with his legs in the air! I let him have it early as I don't think Whippets really understand Christmas!

So your challenge is this: Think about the different teams you are in: family; relationship; work; social teams. Consider your personal skills: what is it that makes you such a valuable member of the team? You are pretty darn special x

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