Thursday, 8 December 2011

Flying without wings....

Thank you for all the lovely messages telling me about your baubles! I am glad I am helping some of you find your smile.

I found my smile in a very unexpected place today. I met two real reindeer today, and what really surprised me was the size of their feet. Rather than being the little delicate hooves I thought they would have, they had  great big flat feet! That in itself made me smile as I realised that natural selection, or the big guy upstairs depending on your view point, had developed the feet to the perfect shape for running and grazing on snow.

The next smile came today at work, when I was showing one of my "lovely boys", a lad of 14, a photo of the reindeer, explaining how the antlers were covered with a soft fur which looked like velvet, and I then pointed to the feet, and asked him why he thought they were that large, flat shape. He replied, quite sure of his answer: "So they can fly".

Funny, yes, but actually it goes deeper. It shows a belief in magic, the magic that if you wish hard enough, work hard enough and try hard enough that the impossible can become possible.

Your homework for today: Go and smile at your baubles, or yourself in a mirror, or a stranger or loved one. Look at your twinkles and remember what you have achieved so far in your life. Reflect on the steps you took to get yourself there, or the steps you wished you had taken. Make a wish, and work out that one little thing you can do to make that wish come true. Work out how many tiny steps you need to get there, and take that first step, That is the hardest one of all. Before you know it you will have big, flat, hairy feet, just right for running on snow and flying !!!! x

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